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 Røde lorier I leg / Red lories playing

 (  Mpeg file 4,15mb )  Forringet lyd / Bad sound !!! ©


                                  Røde lorier / Red lories

                                 ( Mpeg file 4,79 mb ) ©


Grønhalet lori / Yellowbibbed lory     

( Mpeg file 5,88 mb ) ©       


 Dusky lori / Dusky lory

( Mpeg file 2,36 mb ) ©





                                          Fra Lori Link NZ © :

Blåstreget lori/Blue-streaked lory  (Mpeg file 1,30 mb)

Edwards lori/Edward´s lorikeet  (Mpeg file 1.30 mb)

Goldies lori/Goldie´s lorikeet  (Mpeg file 1,30 mb)

Rødnakket lori/Redcollared lorikeet   (Mpeg file 1,30 mb)

Mangefarvet lori/Varied lorikeet   (Mpeg file 1,30 mb)

Massena lori/Coconut lorikeet   (Mpeg file 1,30 mb)

Moskus lori/Musk lorikeet   (Mpeg file 1,30 mb)


         Fra © ( Disse klip kræver/ You need : Quicktime player)

Stella lori rød og sort/Stella´s lorikeet red and black (Quicktime movie 4,29mb)

Blåkronet lori/Blue-crowned lorikeet (Quicktime movie 4,52 mb)


       En håndfuld links til videoer fra/ A handful of video links from YOU TUBE.COM *

 Jurong birdpark ( The lory Loft)

                                                    Jurong birdpark ( The lory loft) 2

                                                      National Aviary Pittsburgh

                                                     Fruelori/Blackcapped lory

                                               Rødbrystet lori/ Redbreasted lory

                                      Rødbrystet igen/ Redbreasted one more time

                                                      Dusky lori / Dusky lory

                                              Rødnakket lori/Redcollared lorikee

   Bjerg lori / Rainbow lorikeet

Bjerglorier / Rainbow lorikeets

Grønnakket lori / Green-naped lorikeet



        Video links til / Video links to : The internet bird collection  HBW.COM *

                                  Chalcopsitta atra atra /Sort lori/Black lory

 Eos squamata squamata /Violetnakket lori /Violet-necked lory

 Eos bornea bornea / Rød lori / Red lory

 Eos cyanogenia / Sortvinget lori / Black-winged lory

 Pseudeos fuscata / Dusky lori / Dusky lory

 Trichoglossus h.mollucanus / Bjerg lori / Rainbow lorikeet

 Trichoglossus h.fortis / Sumba lori / Sumba lorikeet

 Trichoglossus h. haematodus / Grønnakket lori / Green-naped lorikeet

 Trichoglossus johnstonaie / Apo lori / Mount Apo lorikeet

 Trichoglossus chlorolepidotus / Skælbrystet lori / Scaly-breasted lorikeet

 Lorius hypoinochrous / Violbuget lori / Purple-bellied lory

 Vini australis / Blåkronet lori / Bluecrowned lorikeet

 Glossopsitta concinna / Moskus lori / Musk lorikeet

 Glossopsitta pusilla / Dværglori / Little lorikeet

 Glossopsitta porphyrocephala / Cephala lori / Purple-crowned lorikeet

 Cyclopsitta gulielmitertii / Orangebrystet figenpapegøje / Orange-breasted fig parrot

 Loriculus vernalis /Blåstrubet flagermuspapegøje / Vernal hanging parrot

 Loriculus philppensis /Philipinsk flagermuspapegøje / Phillipine hanging parrot

 Loriculus galgulus / Blåkronet flagermuspapegøje / Blue-crowned hanging parrot

 Lathamus discolor / Svale parakit / Swift parrot

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