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Monday 29.10.07

A summer with to few sunny days are over and I am back at my desktop working on updates for the site. Today you will find the first ones here. Most of them in the Gallery section. In the "my lories" part I have added some new photos here and there in the existing galleries and I have added a new gallery with Redcollared lorikeets. In the part with "other lories" you will find some wonderful pictures of the Vini species Ultramarin and Tahitian blue lorikeet. In the Video section I have added a whole bunch of videos with lories. All are shown as extern links to their original place, since they are all protected by copyright. The videos open in a new window and you will return to when you close it. There a lots of wonderful lories to enjoy and some of them will also make you smile a bit I´m sure !

A couple of new links to lorisites . 2 from Germany and a blogsite from Malaysia.

During autumn and winter there will be lots of updates at the site. Also in the english version. I promise you, I will work hard with the translation !

November 30. can celebrate its 1 year anniversairy - and what a year it has been ! The site has already had more than 15000 visits . More that I have ever dreamed about. Thank you for all your emails with lots of nice words and thank you for visiting I will do my very best to make this site even better all the time ! I still receive pictures and chronicles from other loribreeders !

Monday 02.07.07

Time for some updates to the site. I have spend some of the rainy days making a new gallery with fig and hanging parrots and I have added a couple of chronicles about them too. There are also added some new pictures in the "Other lories" gallery and a few videos from New Zealand. There are 2 new links to lory sites - a danish and a dutch site.

The lorimarket have now been here for about 2 month. It are being used, but not so much as I had hoped for. I do have visitors from many different countries. The statistics show that about 50% of my visitors are from places outside DK. Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Czech republic, Norway and Portugal are some of the countries I get visitors from. But 28 nations are represented. I also have visits from far away places like Russia, USA, Mexico, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Canada and many more. Quite funny, I think !

I hope you´ll have a nice summer - The good weather must be here soon !

Thursday 12.04.07

Today I have added a lorimarket to the site ! I have had a voting box for a month at the Main Menu page. 47 visitors have been voting . One voted no, one voted don´t know and 45 voted yes to the question : Would you like a Lorimarked at ? So I have decided to give it a chance ! To use the service you must fill in the boxes with your name, your email and your nationality . The reason for the last request is simple : If somebody is interested in trading birds with you, it´s good to know where you come from. You will not be asked for your address and you can add or not add your phone number. People can share these information in email, if they want to trade birds. all my visitors are welcome to use this new service but all use is at your own risk. I can´t take the responsibility if you get bad experiences by using it !

Wednesday 28.03.07

For the moment I´m working hard with the translation and it not so easy since english is not my native language and I haven´t had english lessons since I went to school ( believe me - it´s long time ago ! ) but I´m making progress. A few new sections from the main menu have been activated a couple of days ago and more will follow before long !

I have a voting running about a lorimarked right now and it looks like a huge majority think it would be a good idea to add one. So I properly will in the nearest future ! The voting end April 5th, so you have still time to give your vote !

I have changed the rules about using the lori forum a bit . You are now allowed to use an alias when you want to add or reply a thread there. The reason I have changed my mind is that the forum have not been used much. I don´t know if the reason is that I have insisted in a real name - time will show ! But I think it is a shame if no one should want to use it. I think we could learn a lot from each other that way !

I have added some statistic at the Loribreederlist section too including a top 10 of most kept species. Also a top 10 from danish breeders.

About my own birds : A rainbow and a coconut lorikeet have recently left their nest and both breeding pairs are incubating again, actually the coconuts have just hatch an egg. The ornates have been incubating for a few days, I can´t hardly wait to find out if the eggs are fertile !

A happy Easter to all of you !

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