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See statistic materiel from the list here !

Mr. Peter de Wilde from the Netherlands have made an european loribreeder list as a way to find out how many breeding pairs of the different species we have in Europe today . The purpose is to make it easier to find the species you are looking for , and to find mates to single birds of the more rare species and in this way put together as many breeding pairs as possible across our borders. Many species are very few in amount, and unless we are learning to work together, many of them will be lost in the near future. The list was released in February 2006 and about 300 breeders from many countries have already joined the list. Some of the more prominent members are Rosemary Low and The Loro parque - and many more. The membership is mostly an email service and the list is only send to other members with names and nationality included. Your email address is not on the list unless you have given your permission . Your private address is unknown to everybody, so the risk of having "uninvited" guests is very  very small. You can get in touch with other members through Mr. de Wilde.

All communication is in english - German - French or Dutch !

Now that EU have decided to make the import of wild caught birds permanent forbidden, this list is more important than ever ! We have to work together across the borders to ensure as many lory species as possible for the future ! This list is not only a good way to trade birds, it is also a kind of register, that makes it possible to get a good idea of how many birds we have of the species available for the breeding work. So if you haven´t joined the list yet - this is a good time to do so ! Wether you have just "common" species or rare species, few or many lories, your submitting is important ! So join now - it is free of charge !

To submit to the list send an email to Peter de Wilde and ask for more information and the form to fill in. You can also download the form :

                                                        HERE   ( Word dokument 138 kb )

To download the form : Right click the link and choose " Save destination as ". Save it at your computer. Open the document, fill in the form, save it with your changes and send it as an attachment to :

Within few days you will receive the list with the names of the other members, a list with their birds and a For sale - wanted - exchange list too. You must have EXEL installed on your computer to open the document !!

Some statistics : The loribreeder list have about 300 members from 18 countries. There are 90 members from The Netherlands, 40 from Belgium and  40 from Germany. England, France, Italy and the Czeh republic come next. There are only 12 members from Denmark !

There are about 2700 breeding pairs registered on the list and the Rainbow lorikeet is the most frequent kept species. And a little bit surprising the Stella lorikeet takes second place ! The bluecrowned hanging parrot is number 7 ! The TOP 10 list are here :

1) Rainbow/Swainson lorikeet 298 pairs - 2) Stella lorikeet 154 pairs - 3) Goldie´s lorikeet 137 pairs - 4) Yellowbibbed lory 135 pairs - 5) Green naped lorikeet 111 pairs - 6) Redflanked lorikeet 89 pairs - 7) blue crowned hanging parrot 85 pairs - 8) Yellow backed lory 67 pairs - 9) Iris lorikeet 66 pairs - 10) Red lory 63 pairs.

Of course there are lots of lories in Europe not registered on the list, but with bird from 300 breeders, I think the statistic gives a very good picture of the species and their situation in Europe.

There are 13 subspecies of the haematodus group on the list.

The most rare species in our aviaries are the Blue Tahitian lorikeet and the Sumba lorikeet with only one pair each registered .

The largest collection of lories belongs to the Loro Parque .They have 138 breeding pairs representing 69 species and subspecies. The largest private collection belongs to a breeder from Belgium. He has 96 pairs representing 46 species and subspecies .

According to the 2006 bird counting from DLK ( Danish lory club ) the TOP 10 in Denmark look like this : (xx)=raised young 2006.

1) Rainbow lorikeet/79 pairs (129) - 2) Stella lorikeet /29 pairs(7) - 3)Yellow bibbed lory/27 pairs(5) - 4) Perfect lorikeet/20 pairs(23) - 5) Green naped lorikeet /17 pairs(10) - 6) Musk lorikeet /15 par(16) - 7) Goldies lorikeet /12 pairs(1) - 8) Massena lorikeet /12 pairs(2) - 9) Scaly breasted lorikeet 11 pairs (6) - 10) Yellow backed lory/ 10 pairs(4) - 11) Blue crowned hanging parrot/9 pairs(6).




If your security settings deny letting you download the form, send me an email. Then I will send it to you.



Now you can sell, buy and exchange birds from the Loribreeder List Website ! The site is in dutch !


 Loribreederlist Top 10 :

1) 1) Rainbow lorikeet 298 pairs         2) nr2) Stella lorikeet 154 pairs

3) 3) Goldies lorikeet 137 pairs        4) 4) Yeiilowbibbed lory135 pairs

5)5) Green naped lorikeet 111 pairs        6) 6) Redflanked lorikeet 89 pairs

7)7) Blucrowned hanging parrot 85 pairs        8) 8) Yellowbacked lory 67 pairs

9)9) Iris lorikeet 66 pairs        10) Red lory 63 pairs

The amount of raised young from the species is not on the list !


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