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Info about this site : Optimized to fit a 1024 x768 screen resolution ! Users with a lower resolution will have a lot of scroll bars, and text and images will not always fit together. For best view return to your desktop, right click , chose properties and then settings. Set your screen resolution to 1024 x 768 or higher. I apologize for the inconvenience it may cause, but impossible to make the site look nice in both low and high resolution.

If you have XP , you might get the message that something is being blocked. The reason is that I have used some scripts and active-X objects in the design of the site .When the message pops up simply allow the blocked material . I promise you, it will do no harm !

If your internet connection is less than 512 kb, some of the pages with lots of images , such as the galleries and other, may need some time to load and there will be some waiting. I have reduced the size of the images as much as possible without spoiling the quality. Please have a little patience !

I have used my own images on the site as much as possible. But I have not got all the different species in my aviaries, so to show as many species as possible I have also used images found on internet and other places . I deeply apologize if I have offended any ones copyright by doing so, it has not been my intention . If you find a image belonging to you please send me and email . I will remove the image at once or with your permission add a © and your name on it !


 Intro : From the beginning this site was only meant to be in danish, but because everything gets more and more international, and loribreeders meet and work together for the benefit of lories across the borders,  I have decided to make an english version too. There wont be so much in english at first, but I will work very hard with the translation and add more and more in english . Unfortunately I´m not an expert in english, so I hope you will forgive me if I make mistakes and use wrong words here and there. My only hope is that at least I ´ll be able to make myself understandable !

The purpose with this site is to give new lorikeepers a better  understanding of lories and their special needs to do well in captivity. I am not an expert in lories and lorikeets. Just a lory lover who have made this site for other people with the same passion . Therefor you won´t find much scientific information here. It is a site about a life with these wonderful birds and I hope that both new and experienced lorikeepers will enjoy it and maybe find some inspiration here !

There are several places where I ask other lorikeepers to contribute to this site . To make the site better I need material from others, such as images of lories, articles about lories and anything concerning lories . It could be about breeding, feeding, diseases or just your daily life with lories. Maybe you have a lory as a pet, you will like to tell about. Everything will of course be published with your name and a © added. I do hope you will help ! Please notice that you can´t use the mail formula from "contact me " to send attached files. Instead send me a word, that you have material for me, I will send you an email address you can use. Because of problems with lots of spam mails I don´t want to publish it here. I am sorry !


 "Lorihaven" means "The garden of lories" ( something like that..)

 Enjoy your visit at LORIHAVEN !!!!!


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