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1.1 Bjerglori          1,1 Rainbow lorikeet


1,1 Grønhalet Lori        1,1 Yellow-bibbed lory


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1,0 Dusky Lori         1,0 Dusky lory


 1,1 Rød Buru Lory             1,1 Red lory


1,1 Massena Lori            1,1 Coconut lorikeet


 1,0 Stellas Lori          1,0 Stellas lorikeet


 1,1 Pragt Lori         1,1 Ornate lorikeet


 1,1 Arfak Lori            1,1 Whiskered lorikeet


1,0 Goldies Lori           Goldies lorikeet


1,1 Rødflanket Kokuslori      1,1 Redflanked lorikeet







Lories can be very addictive !!!!!

 If you read this, it is properly because you´re considering letting lories into your life. So I will try to describe a little bit of what you can expect in the future .

Many things have been said about lories in captivity ! Some are true , some are false and some are a mix of both. But one thing is for sure - if you get hit by the disease "Lorimania" - your life will never be the same again ! But why is it that you get hit so hard ? Lories are very messy birds. most of them are noisy too, they are very demanding, they have beaks sharp as razor blades ( and they enjoy using it ) and they are very creative when it comes to drive their owner insane !


They are beautiful and colorful. they have lots of personality and a huge ego. They are hyper active and extremely playful, they are confident and charming and they are indeed very intelligent and are very fast learners . They are real trouble shooters, an ability they use - to drive their owner insane !



Claim : Keeping lories are difficult !

Facts : Nonsens ! Most lories are healthy and hardy birds that will do fine if they are offered the right surroundings and the right food ! Some will say that experience is needed, but you can´t get that before you get started - nobody is born with 20 years of experience with lories. Some of the "old" lorikeepers might claim that it is difficult, because it makes them look very clever themselves. Some of them are - certainly - but sometimes they do exaggerate a bit - just like an angler telling about the size of the fish he has caught ! So listen and learn ! But don´t forget to use your own common sense . But it is absolute a necessity that you have studied so you have the basic knowledge about the birds and their needs. Don´t think " it will be fine" - it will not !!!!

 Claim : Lories are difficult to feed !

Fact : Lories are different to feed than seed eaters, but not more difficult ! But you do have to feed at least once a day ( in hot weather even twice ) and there are dish washing to do EVERY day ! And preparing food for lories takes a little longer, because you have to do it from the bottom every time.

Claim : Lories are expensive to feed !

Fact : Lory food are expensive, and the fruit they need as supply are expensive too, but it is important that you realize that it is not wise to choose cheap discount food and accept compromise of the quality of the food you offer. If feeding the birds are to expensive the best you can do it to reduce the amount of birds instead of using cheap food . Sometimes it is possible to find a store where you can buy some of the fruit for very little money, they have removed because it´s damaged or to ripen.

Claim : Lories can learn to be seed eaters !

Fact : NO, NO and one more time NO !!!! All lories are brush tongued nectar parrots and they can´t survive on a seed diet alone ! God simply didn´t create them that way ! But it is wrong that lories must not be offered seed at all. Especially the medium sized and the large lories love sunflower seeds and some species must have some seed in their diet to do well.

Claim : Lories are messy and lots of cleaning is needed !

Fact : That is correct ! But if you use your common sense decorating the aviaries, it does not have to be a huge problem ! Make them easy to clean - that´s the answer !

Claim : Lories are extremely noisy !

Fact : Well, some of them are very noisy and can cause trouble if you have near by neighbours unless they are very tolerant or half deaf ! But there are species with acceptable voices.

Claim : Lories don´t need so much space !

Fact : Lories are very active birds and they need a lot of space to fly, play and fooling around ! An aviary can easily be to small, never to large !

Claim : Lories can´t  be kept with other birds !

Fact : This claim is absolute correct ! Don´t EVER trust lories in company with other birds ! Except for a few species mature lories must be kept as pairs in their own aviary ! They can be very aggressive and can kill other birds without particular reason !

- - - - - - - -


Okay ! Here are a few advices before you get started :

First find out what species you would like to start with. Then read, read and read everything you can lay your hands on about the species so you know exactly what needs the birds have so you are able to give them the right care. Even though most species need almost the same, there are some species that have some specific needs you have to be aware of to give them the prober care. Choose one of the "easy" species to start with. they are not so expensive and if you should fool around a bit , they are quite hardy and not so easy to kill ! Birds like Rainbow lorikeets are wonderful birds and easy to care for, but other species like Green naped and Perfect lorikeets are also very good birds to start with. And believe me - it won´t be long, before you are ready to buy the next pair of lories !

Find a loribreeder you trust, when you are going to buy your birds. Only buy captivity bred close banded birds with Dna papers. Maybe the breeder will claim that he/she is able to see a difference between the sexes, but don´t believe it - even the most experienced breeder can make mistakes ! Unless it is one of the sex showing species , only a Dna test can tell for sure ! And it is really frustrating to find out after a while that you are the "happy" owner of two males or two females. Buy young birds. Even though it takes a while before they are old enough to breed, it is worth waiting for . The joy of having a pair of young and playful lories is something you simply have to try - it´s is unbelievable funny ! Take a look around in the breeder´s aviaries. do they look reasonable clean ? Do the birds have the space they need... if not say goodbye, and find your birds somewhere else ! Make sure that you get the necessary information about how the birds are used to be fed and ask for a little food to use the first days, so you gradually can start feeding them the way you want to feed. And don´t be afraid to ask more experienced lory breeders for advice if you run in to problems you don´t know how to deal with. And become a member of your national lory society.

In the Links section you can find a lot of good lory websites both in English, German, Dutch and Danish.

If you have questions about lories you are always welcome to contact me.

Before long you will properly be the owner of your first lories ! I can only say this :


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