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 Check out the new visitor´s gallery from Australia!!!!













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 If you have images of your lories and lorikeets you will let me use to make galleries with as many different species as possible, please send them to me attached to an email. A © and your name will be added - or what ever you may want.. I don´t of cause have all the species in my own aviaries I can use as models, so I need help from other lorikeepers to make a good web site . Both single images and series of the same or different species will be welcomed . Please notice that you can´t send attached files from the mail form under "Contact". Instead send me a message, that you have material for me. I´ll send to you an email address to use. Because of problem with junk mails I don´t want my email address published here. I´m sorry !

Ps .I´m also interested in videos with lories and lorikeets !

 Please respect the © symbol ! Images with copyright can only be used with a written permission !!!!!