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The distribution of lories and lorikeets goes from the Philippines, Mindanao and Micronesia at north, Indonesia and the surrounding islands and Bali at west. Australia, New Guinea and the islands east of Australia to Tahiti at east and south to Tasmania. With such large distribution lories live in many different habitats. From semi desert in Australia with extreme heat in daytime and temperatures below freezing in night time to lowland and montane rain forest and some species even live in alpine climates in highland at New Guinea. This is the reason why many lory species adapt very fast to the climate in Europe. But many species have only a very small distribution, one or maybe a couple of small islands . This make them extremely vulnerable to both nature and human made change in their habitats . Many species are declining in numbers and some are close to extinction ! All though catching and exportations of wild birds are no longer allowed in many countries, many lories are still being caught illegal ! It´s difficult to blame the poor natives who tries to earn a little money for living selling the birds they have caught, and as long as not so poor business men will pay and have a good opportunity to sell the birds for high prizes the illegal trade will continue ! We can only hope that so many birds will be bred in captivity, that soon there will be no need and demand for wild caught birds , legal or illegal ! We, as breeders have a responsibility too . Many  can´t resist the temptation if they are offered rare birds even if they haven´t got the needed papers . Recently the EU have stopped all importation of wild caught birds . So we will not get birds like that anymore. Today a great work is done to educate the local natives to take care of their nature and its creatures. Maybe this will help the lories to survive in the future. And let´s hope, it´s not to late !!!


  The sub family LORIINAE has 11 genera, 55 species and approximately 63 subspecies ( Not all subspecies are mentioned here ! )

In english there are 2 names for lories. Lories are those with short and rounded tail. Lorikeets are those species with long tapered tail . In danish there all called lories. The english names can be equated with the terminology parrot - parakeet .

      Latin name

      Danish name

    English name

     German name


Chalcopsitta atra atra

       Sort lori

     Black lory


New Guinea

C. atra bernsteini

   Bernsteins lori    

 Bernstein blacklory

Bernstein Schwartz

 New Guinea

C. atra insignis

     Rajah lori

    Rajah lory

 Samet lori

 New Guinea

C. duivenbodei duivenbodei

Duivenbodes lori

 Dyvenbode´s lory

 Braun lori

 New Guinea

C. scintillatta scintillatta

 Gulstreget lori

Yellowstreaked lory

 Schimmer lori

 New Guinea

C. cardinalis

  Kardinal lori

  Cardinal lory

 Kardinal lori

 Solomon isl.og N.G








Pseudeos fuscata

Dusky lori

Dusky Lory

Weissbürzel lori




Lorius lory lory

 Frue lori

 Black - capped lory


 Salawati,Waigeo .....

L. lory erythrothorax

 Rødbrystet lori

 Redbreasted lory

Salvadori Frauenl.


L. lory salvadorii

 Salvadori lori

 Savadori lory

Meyers frauenlori

 North east N.Guinea,

L. lory jobiensis

 Jobi lori

Joby Lory

 Jobi frauenlori

 Jobi, Mios Geelvinkb.

L. chlorocercus

 Grønhalet lori

 Yellowbibbed lory


 Solomon islands

L . domicellus

 Domicella lori

Purple-naped lory


Ceram, Amboina

L . albidinucha

 Hvidnakket lori

 White-naped lory

Weissnacken lori


L. hypoinochrous hypoinochrous

 Violbuget lori

Purple-bellied lory

Schwartzsteiss lori

Misima, Tagula(N.guinea)

L. garrulus garrulus

 Gulskuldret lori

Chattering lory

Gelbmantel lori


L . garrulus flavopalliatus

 Gulrygget lori

Yellowbacked lory


 Batjan, Obi

L . garrulus obiensis

 Obi - gulrygget lori


Obi Gelbmantel...




Eos bornea bornea

Rød lori / Amboina lori

Red lory

Amboina Rotlori

 Amboina, Saparua

E.bornea cyanonothus

Buru lori

Buru-red lory

Buru rotlori


E.squamata squamata

Violetnakket lori

Violet-necked lory

Kapuzen lori

 Papua.MajaWeda ..

E.squamata riciniata

Kapuziner lori

Bechstein lory



E.squamata obiensis

Obi lori

Obi lory

Obi lori


Eos cyanogenia

Sortvinget lori

Black-winged lory

Blauohr lori


Eos reticulata

Blåstreget lori

Bluestreaked lory

Blaustrichel lori


Eos semilarvata

Halvmaske lori

Blue-eared lory

Halbmasken lori


Eos histrio histrio

Diadem lori

Red and blue lory

Diadem lori









T. haematodus haematodus

Grønnakket lori

Greennaped lorikeet

   Breitbinden     Allfarb lori..


T.h. moluccanus

Bjerg lori

 Rainbow lorikeet

 Gebirgs lori


T.h. mitchellii

Mitchells lori

 Mitchell´s lorikeet

 Mitchell Allbarblori


T.h. forsteni

Forstens lori

 Forsten´s lorikeet

Forsten Allfarblori


T.h. weberi

Webers lori

 Weber´s lorikeet

Webers Allfarblori


T.h. capistratus

Edwards lori

 Edward´s lorikeet

Blauwangen Allfarbl.


T.h. rosenbergii

Rosenbergs lori

 Rosenberg lorikeet

rosenberg Allfarblori


T.h. caeruleiceps

Blåhovedet lori

 Blueheaded lorikeet

Blasskopf Allfarblori


T.h. massena

Massena lori

 Coconut lorikeet

Massena Allfarblori


T.h. rubritorquis

Rødnakket lori

 Redcollared lorikeet

Rotnacken Allfarblori


T.h. nigrogularis

Sortstrubet lori

Blackthroated lorike

Schwartzkehl Allfarb


T.h. deplanchii

Deplanch lori

Deplanches lorikeet

Neukaledonien alfa..


T.flavoviridis flavoviridis

Gulgrøn lori

 Yellow-green lorike.

Gelbgruner lori


T.flavoviridis meyeri

Meyers lori

 Meyer´s lorikeet

Meyers gelbgrun lori


T. ornatus

Pragt lori

 Ornate lorikeet



T. rubiginosus

Kirs lori

 Cherryred lorikeet

Kirsch lori



Skælbrystet lori

 Scalybreasted lorik..



T. euteles

Gulhovedet lori

 Perfect lorikeet

Gelbkopf lori


T.iris iris

Iris lori

 Iris lorikeet



T.johnstoniae johnstoniae*

Apo lori

 Mount Apo lorikeet



T. versicolor *

Mangefarvet lori

 Varied lorikeet



T. goldiei *

Goldies lori

 Goldie´s lorikeet



* These 3 species were earlier placed  in a genus named : Psitteuteles                                                                          TOP


C. placentis placentis

Rødflanket kokuslori

Redflanked lorikeet



C.p. subplacens

Grønrygget kokuslori

Sclaters pleasing lo..

Grunburzeliger sch.


C.p. ornata

Ornat kokuslori

Ornate pleasing lo...

Schmuck lori


C. pulchella pulchella

Fairy Lori

Fairy lorikeet

Goldstrichel lori


C. josefinae josefinae

Josefine lori

Josephine lorikeet

Josephinen lori


C. papou papou

Papua lori

Papuan lorikeet

Papua lori


C. papou  goliathina *

Stella lori

Stella´s lorikeet

Stella papualori


C.papou stellae

Stella lori

Stella´s lorikeet

Stellas Zierlori


C. multistrata

Multistreget lori

Striated lorikeet




Wilhelmina lori

Wilhelmina lorikeet



C.rubronotata rubronotata

Rødisset lori

Redspotted lorkeet

Rotstirn lori


c.rubrigularis rubrigularis

Rødhalset lori

Redchinned lorikeet



* This is the one we know as the Stella  lorikeet                                         



G. concinna

Moskus lori

Musk lorikeet

Moschus lori


G. pusilla

Dværg lori

Little lorikeet



G. porphyrocephala

Cephala lori

Purplecrowned lorikeet

Blauscheitel lori




Vini australis

Blåkronet lori

Bluecrowned lorikeet



Vini kuhlii

Kuhls lori

Kuhl´s lorikeet



Vini peruviana

Tahiti lori

Tahitian blue lorikeet

Saphir lori


Vini stepheni

Stephens lori

Stephen´s lorikeet



Vini ultramarina

Ultramarin lori

Ultramarine lorikeet

Smaragd lori




Phigys solitarius

Solitær lori

Collared lorikeet

Einsiedler lori




 O. arfaki arfaki

Arfak lori

Whiskered lorikeet



 O.arfaki gransis

Sydlig arfak lori

Southern alpinelorikeet

Sudlicher bergzierl.


 O.arfaki major

Stor arfak lori

Greater alpinelorikeet

Grosser bergzierlori




 N.pullicauda pullicauda

Emerald lori

Emerald lorikeet

Harters gualori



Gua lori

Musschenbroeks lorikeet



 N.m. major

Stor Gualori

Southern muss. lorikeet

Grosser Gualori



Close related to lories are the Loriculus species ( Hanging parrots) - TheCyclopsitta and Psittaculirostris species ( Figparrots ) - and Lathamus discolor ( Swift parrot )

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             Blue lorikeet- Vini peruviana - a rare                  lorikeet -- also in the wild.


            Ultramarin lorikeet - Vini ultramarina                  Very endangered !


     Chalcopsitta duivenbodei duivenbodei                    Dyvenbodes lory

                     Dusky lory - only one in genus Pseudeos


                  Lorius lory lory




      Eos reticulata - Bluestreaked lory




           Nominatform T.haematodus     haematodus - Greennaped lorikeet



           T. johnstoniae johnstoniae                    Mount  Apo lori





    Charmosyna wilhelminae - smallest parrot in the world (size as a zebrafinch)




                    This adorable little purplecrowned lorikeet- we can only dream about


                       Vini australis - Bluecrowned lorikeet


                          Phigys solitarius - collared lorikeet

                                         Whiskered lorikeets

                             Musschenbroek´s lorikeet